What’s your space?


Space: the portion or extent of this in a given instance; extent or room in three dimensions
Zone: any place that is distinguished for some purpose
Retreat: a place of refuge, seclusion, or privacy….(or my personal favorite) an asylum, as for the insane….Totally applies don’t you think.

I’ve had a few sewing spaces… Basement, Kitchen tables, a card table in front of my t.v., and of late our spare bedroom that is an office/craft space.


In my most current space I have a few things that help me stay on track. The cream picture fame is a board where I keep a list of all my projects. The Black picture frame is my Idea cork board where I place current patterns and such that I’m using. I gotta have a lil’ sugar around to make it a legit space(for me anyway) hence the jars for footie chews and chocolate. The under the table storage has parts of my stash, patterns, and other crafting stuff. And it’s all complete with a small ironing board and my trusty partner, my machine. One of the projects I’m currently working on is a jean peekaboo quilt (it’s the magazine that is in the picture.)  So there’s my space. It’s small compared to some but works for me and is just what I need right now.
Now I will share with you some dream spaces of mine…Goody, here’s a little sewtastic space love…

(Love the seprate cutting table)


(Look at that awesome peg board storage)


(Ode to that wall o’ fabric)


( Just a bright happy space all together)

Now, Enough about me let’s talk about you! What does your space look like? Do you love it? What’s your favorite part of it? How do you keep it organized or is that part of its character? Whatever it is, I hope you enjoy it whenever you can!

Best Stitches & Tinker on



Spring Quilt Along: Sea Glass Quilt Tutorial


Well it’s here…

You’ve picked your fabulous fabric, Pressed it perfectly, and Carefully made your cuts. So the time has come to put needle to thread & foot to petal. Lets get started with the first step in making our Sea Glass Quilt, The Half Square Triangle.

Half square triangle (HST)’s are made from a square that has been cut diagonally in half, Resulting in 2 separate triangles.

The tools I’m using to day:

Quilt Blog 1 04032014 (1 of 22)

To start: Using a non permanent marking pen/marker, draw a line diagonally (corner 2 corner) on the wrong side of your white square.

Quilt Blog 1 04032014 (2 of 22)

Then place the middle of your 1/4 inch seam ruler on that line and draw a line on both sides of ruler. If you are using a regular clear ruler from the drawn line measure 1/4th inch on both side and mark.


Place a colored fabric square right side up with a white square on top so that your fabric squares are both right sides together.

Quilt Blog 1 04032014 (6 of 22)Quilt Blog 1 04032014 (7 of 22)Quilt Blog 1 04032014 (8 of 22)

Time to sew…Ready? Just remember, that all seams for this quilt are 1/4th inch seams.

Quilt Blog 1 04032014 (9 of 22)

Sew down both outside lines. (I’ve used pink thread to illustrate where I’m sewing, but it is best to use a white or coordinating thread and be sure to use the same thread on top and bottom.)

Quilt Blog 1 04032014 (10 of 22) Quilt Blog 1 04032014 (11 of 22)

Now that your squares are sewn together, using your trusty rotary cutter and ruler, cut up the middle line. Separating the squares.

Quilt Blog 1 04032014 (12 of 22)Quilt Blog 1 04032014 (13 of 22)

Quilt Blog 1 04032014 (14 of 22)

Last 2 steps… Press your seam open and trim off the dog ears and square it up.

Quilt Blog 1 04032014 (17 of 22)


Your end result should be a tidy little 4 inch square.

Quilt Blog 1 04032014 (22 of 22)

AWESOME JOB! Now repeat, repeat, repeat. (to make it a little easier I like to do it assembly line style…marking all, sewing all,cutting all ext…)

Can’t wait for the Block party!!!

Till then Best Stitches and Tinker On!


Pattern info:

  • Sea Glass Quilt Kit By Pat BravoFeatured In Quilt-It…Today April 2014 Issue