Time to Quilt


I have entered a phase in life where I look at my quilting projects and think “What can I get done quickly but beautifully?” Oh I know a table runner or mini quilt!!!, On top of that it requires less fabric which is very nice for my budget.

I mostly sew, like most busy people, in the early morning, nap times and many a late nights. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love doing quilts, there is no other feeling than what you get from finishing a nice cuddle up quilt, even though it takes me a while to actually get up the nerve to treat it as a quilt and not some museum artifact. But I love table runners and mini quilts because I can tinker with new techniques without the time it may take to do it as a large quilt. But another bonus that I especially like is that it is so nice on my pocket-book. With just the purchase of a couple of fat quarters or digging in to my scrap stash I can have a project that will keep me busy and help me expand my knowledge. I’ve found so many wonderful patterns on Pinterest that have left my tinkering brain and fingers wanting more. Here are my top 5 table runners and mini quilts I’m ready to dive into…

Love this Contemporary Table Runner pattern with its fabulous half square triangles from The Stitching Scientist. Find her great pattern here.


This runner is easy and pleasing to the eye pattern. It has interest and simplicity all wrapped into one. “Whip it up” table runner pattern made by Samelia’s Mum find it here.


Next is a Mini Quilt by Threadbare Creations and I am in love!!! The combinations of the half square triangles and squares is fantastic! Find her free pattern here.


Tumbling Spools by Hyacinth Quilts is next up and it is divine! it seems complex but is really doable and explained very well. Find the pattern here.


Last but not least is this bright and cheery Diamond motif runner I found on Fons and Porters Website designed by┬áPam Biswas. It’s lovely and has some very nice free space for quilting. Find the pattern here.


There you have it my top 5 table runner and mini quilt picks. I hope you find some tinker time to work on your project large or small and find inspiration to keep doing what brings you joy and peace!

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