I’ve got the Fever!!!!


Well I finally caught it… The Quilting bug… I was starting to wonder when it would hit. My grandmother was a quilter, my mother is a quilter, and now it has hit me hard. Not mention the fact that I’ve found the perfect excuse for my love affair with fabric. I have made a few quilts in the past couple of months and cannot stop myself. I am currently working on a jean quilt and have another quilt waiting in the wings for me. I decided that to start documenting my adventures as a budding quilter and hope to learn and share some of my experiences along the way.


So lets begin with a little bit of my history in sewing.

I remember sitting with my mom at a young age about 4 years old watching her sew. My mom is a very industrious and resourceful woman who’s creativity knows no bounds. She made her share of clothes, dresses, and blankets for our large family and others (lets not forget those tiny finicky Barbie clothes).  I remember taking random scraps and a needle and sewing little outfits for my troll dolls by hand. Growing my skills sewing aprons, scrunchies, pillowcases, skirts and anything else I could use my mom’s copious amounts of her fabric stash for. I loved going to the fabric store with her and talk her into helping me make this dress or that shirt. We dreamed and swooned over dress ideas. Made amazing costumes for school plays and stayed up many a night working on projects. I did my first quilt when I was a senior in high school. It was a snowman piece quilt that I would take to school and hand sew on the pieces during down times. It comes out every year at Christmas.

I got my first sewing machine when I was 24. I wore that thing to the ground on a lot of projects. Purses, Gifts, Clothes, and whatever I could dream up. Eventually that machine had seen it’s and day bit the dust so I moved up in November 2013 from my beginner to an intermediate… A brother innovis-40E. I took the free classes that came with my machine and learned so many new things. I jumped back into quilting with both feet and have not wanted to get out of the water since.


I have started to really embrace the art and creativity of quilting. The precision I’m still working on, but the look and feel of fabrics, patterns,  and lines coming together is exhilarating for me. I hope you enjoy this journey with me and if I can help or inspire one person I consider it a win.

Tinker On ~Emily


4 thoughts on “I’ve got the Fever!!!!

  1. I never knew that snowman quilt was your first. Now it has a whole new meaning for me. Keep tinkering away, you have the creative mind to make great things.

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