Halloween Table Runner


The time is upon us… That’s right y’all, it’s Fall! Like any other red blooded human being I love Fall. The crisp Autumn air, Colorful leaves, Boots, Sweaters, Cider, and so much more plus the best Sunrises and Sunsets of the year. Then of course you have Halloween we cannot for forget the fun of Halloween. Now looking around my house you would think I hate Halloween, I have no decorations besides a picture of a pumpkin my lil’ colored taped to the fridge. I actually really like Halloween but with my previous job I worked most Halloween’s and just figured “whats the point” but now that I have a lil’ to celebrate with I really want to have fun with decorating for the holidays for years to come. That being said I dug out the one actual Halloween decoration I have… A Spider treat box I made years and years ago, but it looked so lonely sitting on my table so I decided to make a table runner to keep it company.


Enter the Ghouls and Goodies Riley Blake fabric line, which you can view in full here. It was the perfect mix of scary cute I was looking for. Not to mention the bright fun colors. But I have a secret for you…it glows in the dark. I didn’t figure that out until I saw something glowing in my projects basket and realized it was the cute little ghost and eyes.

I then I poured over Pinterest for ideas (of course) I settled on strip pieced Half square triangle and followed this little tutorial here by Teresa Down Under on her fun blog Sewn Up. It was a fun easy technique that gave a variety of looks dependent on the look your going for.

I then busted out my neon green thread and quilted the borders with straight lines. I used a simple quilting motif because the fabric and piecing is a little on the busy side. I then put it away for 3 weeks while we got out basement finished. but alas out of the UFO’s it came to have a skinny almost piping like binding put on it and now just like that I’m festive and my spider is no longer lonely.


I hope you and yours have a fun and spooky Halloween, ending with sneaking candy from the kids stash. I promise I won’t tell, my mouth will be filled with mini snickers and I was taught not to talk with my mouth open.

Best Stitches and Tinker on,



Spring Quilt Along: Sea Glass Quilt Tutorial


Well it’s here…

You’ve picked your fabulous fabric, Pressed it perfectly, and Carefully made your cuts. So the time has come to put needle to thread & foot to petal. Lets get started with the first step in making our Sea Glass Quilt, The Half Square Triangle.

Half square triangle (HST)’s are made from a square that has been cut diagonally in half, Resulting in 2 separate triangles.

The tools I’m using to day:

Quilt Blog 1 04032014 (1 of 22)

To start: Using a non permanent marking pen/marker, draw a line diagonally (corner 2 corner) on the wrong side of your white square.

Quilt Blog 1 04032014 (2 of 22)

Then place the middle of your 1/4 inch seam ruler on that line and draw a line on both sides of ruler. If you are using a regular clear ruler from the drawn line measure 1/4th inch on both side and mark.


Place a colored fabric square right side up with a white square on top so that your fabric squares are both right sides together.

Quilt Blog 1 04032014 (6 of 22)Quilt Blog 1 04032014 (7 of 22)Quilt Blog 1 04032014 (8 of 22)

Time to sew…Ready? Just remember, that all seams for this quilt are 1/4th inch seams.

Quilt Blog 1 04032014 (9 of 22)

Sew down both outside lines. (I’ve used pink thread to illustrate where I’m sewing, but it is best to use a white or coordinating thread and be sure to use the same thread on top and bottom.)

Quilt Blog 1 04032014 (10 of 22) Quilt Blog 1 04032014 (11 of 22)

Now that your squares are sewn together, using your trusty rotary cutter and ruler, cut up the middle line. Separating the squares.

Quilt Blog 1 04032014 (12 of 22)Quilt Blog 1 04032014 (13 of 22)

Quilt Blog 1 04032014 (14 of 22)

Last 2 steps… Press your seam open and trim off the dog ears and square it up.

Quilt Blog 1 04032014 (17 of 22)


Your end result should be a tidy little 4 inch square.

Quilt Blog 1 04032014 (22 of 22)

AWESOME JOB! Now repeat, repeat, repeat. (to make it a little easier I like to do it assembly line style…marking all, sewing all,cutting all ext…)

Can’t wait for the Block party!!!

Till then Best Stitches and Tinker On!


Pattern info:

  • Sea Glass Quilt Kit By Pat BravoFeatured In Quilt-It…Today April 2014 Issue