Quilt Photography

We put so much hard work, money, and time into our beautiful quilts. We measure, cut, sew, iron, sew, and toil over our creations whether they are for ourselves or someone else. A finished quilt brings a sense of pride and satisfaction. Let me help preserve that feeling.

If you have ever tried to take a nice photo of your latest quilt, you know how frustrating it can be when it turns out crooked, wavy and badly lit or worst of all too small because it was taken by your phone.  Snapshots are okay, but a professional photograph is a true keepsake.

Why not let me take a professional, well-lit photograph of your quilt? Do you need quilts photographed for the purpose of appraisals, cataloging or organizing your Quilt Collection, submission to a show, or a web site, or guild publication? I will photograph your quilts using studio lighting and modern digital equipment for clear details and accurate colors to show your creation at it’s best!

I will send you a digital copy that you can then take and have prints made of, or simply store the photo on your computer, website or blog. You’ll receive:

• High quality digital images to be used
for printing.
• Lower resolution digital images with
excellent detail for emailing, website or
web use.

The fee for this service is $35.00. Each additional quilt is $5.00 with the results delivered as JPEG files.

To see some of the quilts that I have photographed scroll below.