What’s your space?


Space: the portion or extent of this in a given instance; extent or room in three dimensions
Zone: any place that is distinguished for some purpose
Retreat: a place of refuge, seclusion, or privacy….(or my personal favorite) an asylum, as for the insane….Totally applies don’t you think.

I’ve had a few sewing spaces… Basement, Kitchen tables, a card table in front of my t.v., and of late our spare bedroom that is an office/craft space.


In my most current space I have a few things that help me stay on track. The cream picture fame is a board where I keep a list of all my projects. The Black picture frame is my Idea cork board where I place current patterns and such that I’m using. I gotta have a lil’ sugar around to make it a legit space(for me anyway) hence the jars for footie chews and chocolate. The under the table storage has parts of my stash, patterns, and other crafting stuff. And it’s all complete with a small ironing board and my trusty partner, my machine. One of the projects I’m currently working on is a jean peekaboo quilt (it’s the magazine that is in the picture.)  So there’s my space. It’s small compared to some but works for me and is just what I need right now.
Now I will share with you some dream spaces of mine…Goody, here’s a little sewtastic space love…

(Love the seprate cutting table)


(Look at that awesome peg board storage)


(Ode to that wall o’ fabric)


( Just a bright happy space all together)

Now, Enough about me let’s talk about you! What does your space look like? Do you love it? What’s your favorite part of it? How do you keep it organized or is that part of its character? Whatever it is, I hope you enjoy it whenever you can!

Best Stitches & Tinker on



Proud Member of FAA (Fabric Addiction Anonymous)

The smell of fresh pressed and starched cotton, The feel of silky smooth fibers weaved together, The perfectly printed patterns.

This is my home away from home. Hi, my name is Emily and I have a fabric addiction I have been clean for 24 hours but I’m not sure how long that will last… (Hi Emily)

Fabric, where the high of making a quilt is just the beginning. I have to restrain myself from buying this or that for my stash. You can never have too much right? Isn’t that the golden rule of quilting. Wait that rule according the Mr. Holice Turnbow is Accurate Cutting (accurate measuring and accurate sewing.)

I have a love affair with good fabric. I remember going to the fabric store as a child and running through rows with my arms outstretched and hiding in the silks and chiffons. Sitting at the pattern table for what seemed like hours (mostly without  complaint) skimming through pattern books with my mom, talking her into all sorts of projects (it wasn’t very hard).

I joke with my husband that his love of books and bookstores is akin to my love of fabrics, quilt shops and craft stores. I can spend hours looking and picking fabrics. Which I think he figured out on a most recent outing with my mom to a local quilt shop. We were there for an hour and a half perusing this small shop for just the right prints and patterns. He walked around for a bit then kept himself busy at the kids table coloring till we were done (with no complaint) He’s a good egg that one and I shall keep him, but I don’t think he’ll be coming along anytime soon and I don’t blame him.

On that trip I made my most recent purchase for a Quilt Along I am having with a group I’m involved in. We are going to be making the Sea Glass quilt that is on the cover of the March/April issue of Quilt-It…Today Magazine. Feel free to follow along as I will be posting tutorials about every 2 weeks on this blog starting April 4th. Here are my fabric and the quilt we will be doing. The fabric above is part of my stash I have saved for another project, The  bottom fabrics is what I’m using for the quilt-along it is mostly if not all Adorn-It Fabrics (which is a local company here in Utah who is getting national attention for there designs in Fabric and scrapbooking…I LOVE THEM!!! PLEASE ADOPT ME!!!!).

1016982_10152345394306972_1990899544_n 1012881_10152329294911972_959762062_n

So to all my Fabric addicted sisters we must stand united. Just remember when getting your next fix ask yourself these three questions.

  1. Do you NEED it? ALWAYS
  2. Will you USE it? ALWAYS
  3. Does it make you happy? ALWAYS

Best Stiches & Tinker on ~Emily