Wild hair for Herringbone….

For my birthday this year my big gift to me was an iPad mini (thanks for the good deal bro) I immediately bought a case for it, but if you know me you know that, that is just not enough. So I decided to make a little sleeve bag for it.
I had just recently visited a (new to me) quilt shoppe in the area and they had some great fat quarters on clearance for a dollar SCORE!!! They also match my case perfectly. Then I hit up my favorite site…Pinterest (shocker, right) and perused the tutorials. Looked through a couple and started to map out my own design. I knew I wanted an exterior pocket, a quilted design, and a whole lotta cute!

I got to work sketching up what I wanted and started cutting my fabric. I found an awesome Herringbone tutorial here(link). It was pretty easy to follow and I caught the hang of it pretty quick. Until it came to joining my two pieces together. I must have unpicked that middle line about 8 times. It isn’t perfect but it’s pretty darn close.

I made the front piece next. I took the left over strips and made an uneven patchwork motif. I then made my quilt sandwich and did a little free motion on both the front and back pieces. Made my pocket and added a magnet snap, put it all together and Ta-Da! A lovely, cozy, and safe home for my new little friend.

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